Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Links to personal projects

It has been an eternity since I've updated my blog, so I decided it's time for an update.

I'll try to update more regularly from now on, but keep my posts short.

For now, I thought that posting links to two projects I'm currently working on would be a good start.

The first one is PyAlpha. For now, it's only a Python interpreter in your web browser, but it has numpy and scipy integrated. We're planning for more awesome features.

PyAlpha was started at Startupifier and won the first prize.

Easy Metric gives you the ability for keep track of any metric collected from your continuous build. We're talking about things like lines of code, code coverage or whatever else you need to track. Easy Metric gives you statistics and graphs about whatever you're keeping track of. All you need is a simple GET request to push more data to the Easy Metric server and you're done.

More to come on these projects as they mature.