Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Job for a New Year

I've recently decided to leave my current position at VLAM Inc. where I was doing mostly computer vision related stuff in Python and C++.

My new gig is actually a contract that should last a few months for Yardstick Software. They are based in Edmonton, Alberta, but I'll be working remotely from Montreal. Yardstick specializes in testing and training software.

What I'll be doing

One of the best thing about this job (aside from the pay :p) is that I'm going back to Web development. I'll be working on adding new features to their next generation app which is written in Ruby on Rails.

I've been more or less out of the ruby scene for the past year, so I'm super excited about diving back in, see what has changed and reconnecting with the community.

So stay tune for future updates on Ruby, Rails, JavsScript, jQuery and other fun stuff.

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